There is nothing more easier and convenient than an all black outfit. I recently bought this dress from Zara and I love the length especially with the current unpredictable weather we are experiencing in London at the moment. The flared cuffs give the dress a twist especially since flared sleeves are currently on trend. The dress is quite stretchy and it is not difficult to walk in, unlike other bodycon dresses I have worn in the past.

This is my first time wearing a corset belt and well, saying it is uncomfortable is an understatement. It does the figure good though, and makes ones waist look smaller. However, prepare for a lot of deep breathing and a bit of pain. Anything for fashion right?No ladies. I do not believe in suffering for fashion. Life is too short to be wearing something uncomfortable just for “style” purposes. I get it, we all want to look fab but not at the expense of my joy and comfort. So maybe I will not be wearing this corset again or, I will find a much more comfortable option, maybe a fabric one.

I fell in love with the bow details on these flats which are also from Zara. The over-sized bows instantly turn them into a more chic version and one does not have to settle for boring shoes just for comfort. So when in doubt, wear all black. Thank you for reading and have a lovely week