Hi my lovelies. So this is going to be my first beauty post onTHESTYLEPERSUASION.COM. I will be posting some of my favorite beauty products and giving honest reviews on products I use and love. I will also be posting a lot of my favorite foundations and give you guys an idea of what I like when it comes to finish, coverage and other specs. Foundation is a real discussion topic when it comes to women of color because, up until recently, it was difficult to find a darker shade of foundation in the drugstore. It is still a little difficult to access darker shades in drugstores, but I feel like most companies are trying to have more diverse shade ranges when it comes foundations. I will go into into more further detail about this topic in a separate post. Just in case any of you wanted to know my skin type. I have very sensitive acne prone skin and so I tend to be careful about the kind of makeup and skin care products I use.This post is about a few things that I recently purchased. Some are new and some are repurchases.


So I have heard many good things about this foundation. I was very excited when I finally caved in and bought it. It is described as an “awakening foundation with weightless radiance and flawless coverage”.  I bought it in the shade B80 CHOCOLATE and it is too dark for me. The next shade is too deep and the shade before B80 was too light. When I applied it, it was quite weightless and felt smooth on my skin.However, during the day it oxidized a  lot and I had to keep applying powder to my t-zone area during the day in order to keep it from completely going a darker shade. This foundation also made me break out a little on my cheeks and forehead. I also found that if you have oily skin,it requires a lot of  powder to blot my t-zone area. It does have a nice glowy finish and it is also not hard to remove at the end of the day. Since the shade B80 is too dark for me, I discovered that using a translucent powder will stop it from oxidizing, but I sure did use lots of powder. I am not very impressed with the shade range because I feel like there a not many options for women of color. But oh well, whats new?. Anyway, this foundation is ok and and as you should expect, the price is a little steep but its worth a try. I bought mine from DEBENHAMS, and PS: Darker shades are difficult to obtain, and I spent ages trying to obtain this shade. I hope this mini review is helpful…….


This powder is my all time fave. It has good coverage, a large shade range for women of color and it is very flattering on my skin. I use it after I highlight and contour to put my makeup together. I also wear it on its on when I go to work for that flawless “no makeup” look. It also has a mild formula and does not  make me break out. I always buy it in the shade TW15B and it will continue to be on my top list of beauty favs.


I bumped into this lipkit while doing a quick run in Superdrug. The beautiful dark brown shade caught my eye and I had to buy this lipkit. I swatched it instore and it is a very intense brown which I loved. Ok, I get that this is not the most summery color but I think I can make it work even now in the warmer weather. Swatches are coming in another post.


I cannot express enough how I love these lashes. They are the closest I can get to affordable mink lashes lo. They are super affordable, plus there are many different styles to pick from. They are also easy to apply because I find, with most strips of lashes, the band is too thick which makes it difficult for the glue to stick onto my lash line, but with these ones, I have had no issues.Well done Vegas Nay.


I have used this setting spray once and it worked wonders. I sprayed it after I had applied my YSL Touche Eclat foundation because as I mentioned above, it leaves and very glowy finish and that is not necessarily a good thing when one has oily skin. When I used this matte setting spray, immediately my foundation turned into  a semi matte finish and my foundation lasted the whole day.I would recommend this spray especially if you have oily skin ans you do not want to apply too much powder on top of your foundation.


Believe it or not, I bought these beauty blenders from the Pound shop. Yes folks, the Pound shop!!!!!!!!!!. Lol I just cannot justify buying a beauty blender for five quid. These ones are equally soft ad I am sure they will do the job just as any other beauty blender. I am always on the look out for cheaper alternatives for everything and I am glad I found them…….