Keeping It Real

Hey guys. So I would like to think of myself as a person who is honest when it comes to sharing my feelings with you guys. I am very new to this blogging world and I must say, its a learning curve. I would like to talk about an important aspect of blogging which I have noticed has a great impact on not only myself but on my readers. Its my instagram feed, and by that, I mean keeping my instagram and blog posts cohesive or as they say “maintaining an aesthetic”. Since I started my blog, I have been trying to keep my posts as cohesive as I can and I have also been trying to maintain a certain aesthetic and for me it is a struggle. I must admit, I enjoy  it when I see my feed looking very neat and well organised while maintaining a certain aesthetic, but for me it is quite difficult to keep this up. My style changes every day according to how I am feeling, what is inspiring me at that time, and even the weather so for me to only wear or post only one style or certain colour clothes is proving difficult. I just want to let go and be free and post whatever I want on my feed without having to worry whether it matches my “aesthetic” or not. So that is exactly what I am going to do.This might sound silly, but maintaining a certain “look” on instagram has become so serious these days that I often find myself having a headache about whether the content on my feed is pleasing to the eye or not. I do admit that cohesive instagram accounts are very beautiful and attractive to look at and I have a few of my favourite bloggers who I follow on insta, simply because of their cohesive feeds. However, for me personally, it is such a hustle searching for filler pictures in order to make my insatgram look pretty and cohesive. I am still on a self discovery journey and until I find what I am able to stick to, I will be be posting different outfits on my instagram feed and I will stop worrying about creating an aesthetic. I believe one never stops learning in life and I just want to be free and be the real me. However, never say never, who knows, maybe in time I am able to discover what my “aesthetic” is and stick to it, but for now, I will be winging it and on some days my feed will be cohesive and some days it wont be. Lol. Onto my outfit, I paired a cami with some frayed hem jeans and a simple duster. I added some rusty colored Zara heels to complete this simple look. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading.CAMI TOP|SIMILAR