Hey guys. So its the festive season and its a time for celebrating with family, friends and close relations. I have been feeling a little under the weather for the past few days but that certainly will not stop me from enjoying my Christmas roast and many other goodies lol. Is it just me or Christmas has become more commercial than family oriented. I remember when I was younger, we used to get so excited about Christmas because we knew we would get “hembe dzinyowani”, thats “new clothes” and lots of presents. I would so look forward to that special “rice and chicken” dinner lol. Lately, its been all about spending more money and spending less time with loved ones. Some advent calendars started being sold in late October, jeez.!! So let us all take time to reflect on what is good in our lives and appreciate what we have. I thank God that I get to spend this Christmas with my loved ones and I hope you all have a lovely enjoyable Christmas. Onto my outfit, I purchased this gorgeous burgundy Zara coat a few months ago and  I paired it with an all black ensemble. This coat is 75% wool and it is extremely warm. I also love the padded masculine shoulders on it. This makes the look even more classy. Burgundy is a very festive color and I found it quite effortless to style it with ripped jeans and a turtleneck. Thank you for reading and have a safe and lovely Christmas.COAT | ZARA