Hey guys. I hope you are all well. So I am starting a new series here where I will be featuring my favorite fragrances every month. I have always been a perfume lover and so I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorites. So I am starting with Olympea Intense by Paco Rabanne. I received it for Christmas last year as a gift set and I totally loved it. I had previously tried the Olympea original Eau de Parfum at Super Drug a few months before  Christmas and I loved it but never purchased it. I was lucky enough to receive the Olympea Intense which to me, is a much more heavier version of the original Olympea fragrance. This is my first time writing about a fragrance and I must say I am not very good at describing scents so bear with me lol. What I can say is I love it. It is described as “a sexier, bolder and more intense return of a sublime modern goddess”. The Perfume Shop describes the top notes as luscious Brazilian passion fruit and succulent red raspberry. The heart notes include vibrant passionflower and orange flower. Alluring mask and cedar-wood make up the bass notes. For me, it has an intense but sweet scent that later transforms into a feminine soft scent. It is also not too overpowering and whenever I use it, it makes me feel confident. I especially  love the combination of sweet and salty and it also lasts a very long time on my skin. It still resembles the original Olympea fragrance but it is a more mature and bold scent. I also love the packaging. I think the bottle has a unique but simple shape. I always pair this fragrance with the body lotion that came with the gift set and this makes the scent last even longer. This fragrance is a bit pricey but, there are many different price points that can cater to ones wallet. I could not find a link for the gift set but I linked different sizes of the perfume itself. All in all, I love this fragrance and I think it is worth a try. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend.

PACO RABANNE OLYMPEA INTENSE Eau de Parfum for her 30ml

PACO RABANNE OLYMPEA INTENSE Eau de Parfum for her 50ml

PACO RABANNE OLYMPEA INTENSE Eau de Parfum for her 80ml