Hey guys. I just wanted to write this post to motivate and encourage anyone who gets criticized, laughed at or misunderstood because of following their dreams. As human beings we expect to be supported and given encouragement when we share our hopes and dreams for the future, its just a normal desire to want to be told something like “wow you are doing great” or “I saw your work and I am impressed by it”. But what happens when you are instead mocked, put down and not supported for wanting to be the best you can be and achieve success in life, especially by those closest to you? I myself have experienced this and it is not only confusing but it is also very sad. It hits you unexpectedly and you wonder if you are not good enough or maybe you should not have shared your dreams and aspirations?Well, this happens quite often in life and this is how I deal with it. GO WHERE YOU ARE LOVED. Not everyone will understand your ideas, views and goals and if you are constantly being put down just for merely being who you are, its time to maybe make a decision to block out all that negativity and concentrate on those who truly and genuinely love and support you. It is not easy especially when you are close to people who seem like they are not happy with your achievements but that’s life. You cannot please everyone. All you have to do is be yourself and the right people will like and love you for being you. Gravitate towards positive energy and positive things will happen in your life. We are all on a journey and while attempting to follow your dreams you are going to face obstacles, nay sayers, criticism and a lots of unnecessary put downs but on the flip side, there are lots of people who will support you, who will be inspired by you and send you well wishes so DON’T GIVE UP. One day, after you have made it, you will look back at what you have gone through and just smile and come out stronger and more passionate than ever so DON’T STOP FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS AND KEEP GOING.Anyway, onto my outfit, I bought the jeans and top on sale last year at ZARA and the wedges are from NEWLOOK. Its a kind of  a boho-chic look and wide leg jeans are making quite a big comeback this summer season. Thank you for reading and I hope this post motivates you!!!!!!