Hey guys. So summer is finallyhere and I am soo excited. Its time for short shorts and lots of fresh ice cream.There is something so positive and hopeful about it. Maybe its the many smiles and expressions of happiness and joy that I am constantly seeing on peoples faces or its the jingle of an ice cream truck that always comes around my house when I am just about to have dinner lol! Waking up to a blue sunny skies makes me soo happy and I am finding myself constantly in a good mood. Like it or not, anyone who lives in London can tell you that the weather plays a very large part in peoples life. So I am feeling quite happy with my life right now and  making the most of it. Its getting a bit too hot sometimes but better too hot than cold right. I am currently watching Titanic for the upteenth time. Its one of my favorite movies and I am at the violin scene where the band realizes that things are not looking good and they now have to part ways. One band member decides to stay and play “Nearer my God to thee” and the rest of the band comes back to join him. This scene always makes me cry. They just could not let him play alone. Its called LOVE!!!!! It is an exceptionally good movie that I will always watch again and again and again!I wore this tunic as a dress with some wedges. I used a belt to cinch in my waist for some definition. I love pieces that can be worn multiple ways and I will definitely be styling this tunic as a shirt with maybe some jeans or some shorts. I bought it on sale and I am currently loving the summer sales at the moment. Thank you for reading and have a lovely week ahead….TUNIC | H/M SIMILAR , HERE and HERE






  1. cynthia
    July 25, 2018 / 12:39 pm

    lovely!!!!you look stunning

    • Paida
      July 29, 2018 / 6:52 pm

      Thanks babe!