Hey guys. This post is going to highlight my favorite summer 2018 accessories. For me, summer is the perfect season to play around with different accessories without any restrictions. I often find my ears freezing when I wear large earrings in winter so summer is my chance to be as creative as I can when accessorizing my outfits. I am currently loving straw accessories whether they be mules, large straw hats or cute little straw bags. There is just something so unique and classy about raffia accessories and they add a lot chicness to summer outfits.  I purchased this wide brimmed hat recently and I love the white detail on the top. It is perfect for a day out at the beach and the message on the hat explains my mood all summer long. I personally think the larger the hat and the more dramatic it looks the better lol! I love this one from MANGO . Straw bags are also a must for summer 2018, and they come in various shapes, forms and sizes. I purchased two this year’ out of self control or else I would have a whole lot of straw bags lying around in my closet after summer haha! In as much as us girls can never have enough accessories, I personally think one needs at least two different shaped straw bags for summer and there are many affordable options available on the high street.

You can also add raffia accessories to your summer closet by wearing mules with straw detail. They are soo comfortable and can be styled with many outfits. I bought mine at ZARA and again, they got it wrong with their sizing. I am a size five but these fit like a size six or seven and I had to return them. I honestly do not know whats going on with sizing. Its very annoying but, oh well. I love African accessories and my favorite ones are big chunky wooden bracelets. I envision an earth toned outfit by wearing a long  brown colored maxi dress and some brown or black sandals, with big statement earrings. If you are not a bangle person, you can try wearing a large chunky beaded necklace to jazz up a plain outfit. I am also currently obsessed with statement earrings. They can be easily incorporated in different summer outfits like a plain white linen dress. Statement earrings always add an element of glam to an outfit and I wear mine with and without my hair slicked back. If you like belts, you can add them as a straw accessory to your outfit and I have linked one below.So these are my essential summer accessories for summer 2018. Thank you for reading and have a good week..