One of the best things one can do in life is to appreciate what they have no matter how small or big it is. I am one person who often goes through the motions in life while not taking any notice of the blessings and opportunities I have. However, I discovered how important it is to be appreciative of the things we have because not only is it healthy but, you are able to fully experience the best in your life. Gratitude is also key to opening more doors of success. I have made a list of the things I never used to appreciate but am now extremely grateful for.

1.My Dreams and Aspirations.

There is nothing more conflicting than having so many hopes and dreams but also feeling like those dreams are unattainable. Starting this blog has been a long life dream of mine but because of circumstance, there were several delays in my starting it. However, now I am extremely grateful that I started this blog because not only am I doing something I love, but I am learning a lot of life lessons as I go. I am very grateful for my dreams because knowing that I have goals keeps me going and fuels me emotionally and mentally. Certain dreams sometimes seem too big for us to comprehend but as long as you take that first step towards it, the rest will follow. So be grateful for all those hopes and dreams and work hard at achieving them.

2.My Family

We fight, laugh, argue, cry and love together but nothing feels as good being able to call one of my bros when I need help with something or having my Mom as a shoulder to cry on. I know I can always rely on my other Mum to tell me the truth about my over contoured nose or my sister asking me why I am buying uncomfortable heels that I will never wear LMAO!!!!! My family is my everything and sometimes I often forget to thank God for it. I appreciate every one of them and I would not change them for the world!.

3.My Instincts

I never used to follow my insticts, I always used to ignore them until I finally realized that there are there to guide me. This is an ability we all have that enables us to sense danger and, it might seem silly to be grateful for it but I am because it has saved me from toxic friends, relationships and situations . 99% of the time when I have felt that something is not right or that someone does not have the right intentions for me, I have been correct. So follow your instincts.I have always believed that they are a gift from God that helps us with discernment.

4.My Strength

Sometimes we go through things in life that pull us down emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There are several times I have been down and tired of trying without any results but each time, I dig deep into who I am and find a small burning light of hope that shines within. I always believe I got my strength from my Mum. She is one of the strongest people I know and when I am down she always reminds me of my purpose in life and that surprisingly, I inspire her. When I am down, I always give myself a little pep talk, say a little prayer and remind myself of all the people rooting for me. So be grateful that no matter your circumstance in life, you woke up and showed up.

5.The Weather

If you live in the UK you definitely know what I mean by this. The weather here is very unpredictable. The winters are quite harsh and the summers can be wet, too hot and humid but I prefer summer. Our daily activities are heavily influenced by the weather. It is so difficult to shoot winter outfits for the blog when my teeth are chattering and my face can barely move because of the cold, not forgetting that for one outfit, one needs a lot of different shots in different poses and this takes time.I cannot stand long harsh winters hence, I am so appreciative when summer time comes. I wear less layers and I get to do so many outdoor activities. Just waking up and seeing blue sunny skies puts smile on my face and I enjoy shooting because the outfits are quite light.

So these are some of the many things that I have found new ways to be thankful for. Life in itself is a gift and we ought to embrace it with both hands. Being grateful helps us to have an outside view of ourselves and see how good we have it, and sometimes we desire more than we have but, maybe we have been given exactly what is enough for us. Thank you for reading and I hope this post inspires you to be more grateful! Happy weekend!!!!!!!!