Hey guys. I hope you are all well. This is my first time styling an overlay blazer. The shirt overlay attached to this blazer adds a bit of fun to an otherwise simple looking outfit. I paired this blazer with a simple white tank and some ripped jeans. It can be a bit of  a challenge styling this kind of blazer but, pairing it with staple pieces does the trick. This whole outfit is more than a year old and shopping in your closet is another way look good while saving money. Oh by the way, I noticed something very funny about my outfits. I keep repeating the same pair of shoes lol. I do not know whether it is because black strappy sandals are a staple piece and easy to style or I am too lazy to create more outfits using other pairs of shoes in my wardrobe. There is no point in having lots of shoes and reaching out for just one pair . I will try and make an effort to get more use from my other pairs of shoes while staying true to my personal style (which I am still trying to figure out lol). Anyway enough of me babbling about shoes lol. Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!BLAZER | ZARA