Hey guys. I hope you are all well. Last year there was one piece that dominated Instagram and, it was this satin pink bodysuit. Everyone and their mother, cousins and best friends had this Zara bodysuit lol. I remember wanting it so bad that I was getting a headache because it was always out of stock. I kept on checking it until one lucky day, I found my size in stock and I quickly ordered it online. I was soo excited to finally have that one bodysuit that seemed to be really trending. However, when it arrived, I was very disappointed. The quality was not very good and the material seemed a little flimsy. The lesson for me here was that, it is not always necessary to follow trends. Some things look good on a screen but in real life, not necessarily. It is a nice bodysuit but in terms of durability or cost per wear, I will not be getting much out of it but, that did not stop me from styling it lol.I styled this bodysuit with the suit trousers that I previously wore here . I think this outfit is very fun yet also very classy. I added some black sandals and some statement earrings. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week.BODYSUIT | ZARA