Hey guys. I have been a bit MIA as of late. I was readjusting to a few things in my life. Sometimes, we hold on to certain situations that are not healthy mentally and spiritually for us and its important to let go. I have always been a person who holds onto things, situations and people for too long even after they stop serving me in a positive way. Learning to let go has been a long and difficult process for me but I have made significant progress. Seeing certain situations from the outside has helped me in making better decisions that affect my life more positively and, I intend to work on this part of me a bit more. Now onto more exciting things, my outfit lol. I paired this off-shoulder top with some mom jeans and some brown mules. I find that matching my top and shoes creates a good base for creating an outfit. I am loving brown tones this season and I love the contrast of black and brown stripes on this jumper. I bought these mules a while ago and they are the perfect shade of orange/brown and they are also comfortable. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!!!!OFF-SHOULDER TOP | FOREVER 21