Hey guys. I hope you are all well. So we spent a day at Ornos Beach. Located on the south of the island, this beach has many restaurants and beach clubs. The sea facing view is lovely and there are a number of water sports to try like diving, sea skiing, wind surfing, jet skiing and parasailing .There is also plenty of accommodation options including luxurious hotels, apartments, family owned rooms and opulent villas and suites.

We booked sun loungers at Kuzina Mykonos. The customer service was excellent and I cannot recommend this beach club and restaurant enough. I would suggest you book in advance as it can get quite busy. Another tip to remember is, the closer the sun lounger is to the water, the more expensive the price.

The atmosphere was lively and warm and the calm azure water is warm and ideal for swimming. We ordered from the Beach Menu and we shared the tender breaded chicken fillets with French fries and it was delicious. I must say, the potions in Mykonos are very generous. I really enjoyed our time in Mykonos. Its such a beautiful and lively island with so much to do. We will definitely visit again. Thank you for reading and have a great New Year.